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Dear Friends,

Greetings to you !

It is more than a year since I have taken over as the MLA of Avadi Constituency. Thanks to Amma who trusted me and gave me this seat and thanks to each and every person who supported me with your votes and wishes and prayers to help me win the seat.

The people of Avadi have showered their love and care and I am working hard to ensure that Avadi becomes a model constituency. I had crafted my election manifesto keeping all aspects in mind – short term and long term. I have pushed for the Government Projects and facilities as and when it has been feasible and diligently worked with my MLA fund to improve the infrastructure in Avadi.  Apart from this, our Ma Foi Foundation has also worked extensively in the last one year in areas like Education, Sports, Healthcare, Women Empowerment, Employability and Environment in Avadi. I would like to profusely thank the organizations, Foundations and individuals who have helped us in this endeavor. We have launched a project called “Nallathoru Kundumbam” to touch each and every family in the constituency in some way or the other to improve the well-being of the people.

I am actually aware that I cannot do it alone. I am seeking your support as individuals or organizations or Foundations to partner with us in this mission of improving the lives of the many citizens of this place. We value your volunteering , suggestions and donations and assure you that every rupee will be spent transparently and effectively.

Let us  work together to build a better society!


Warm regards

K Pandiarajan